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Elizabeth wong nude

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We want to vote for people who will work for us and in our interest. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Huge indian tits pics. The people had made a choice last year for change, none of us will deny that the states that are managed by the Pakatan Rakyat are in any worse position as they were before.

Any sane political party would not want to lose people of Eli Wong calibre. Sign in anonymously Don't add me to the active users list. Elizabeth wong nude. Whether it is by Rela officers snapping pictures of women held in custody, or by hotel staff trying to make a quick buck, or by the people in our lives breaching an agreement of trust. In any case all these excos can stay in Timbuktu for all they care as they do nothing and have no power any way. An Eli and Hilmi acquaintance 6: Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

But, There are other realpolitik considerations. DSAI considers ethics, morality and laws as something that useful only when they can be used to attack BN. That rumor give me a great laugh. Has anyone died on naked and afraid. Wong had confirmed to Malay Mail at last Friday's meeting that the pictures were that of her but maintained that the identity of the photographer was a mystery. Th key to this thing is Khalid didnt know the real story at that time, thus he could not declare his stand.

It would be intresting to see who replaces her in exco and how fast this happens. She worked with Suaram, Hakam and other rights organisation before winning the Bukit Lanjan state seat on March 8, with a huge 5, vote majority and was promptly made an exco-member in charge of tourism and environment.

Folks, take a step back from the emotions. Arumugam resigned last week after being dogged by alleged bigamy. Only those unhappy people would resort to such dirty tricks to get you down. Already, some quarters are needling PAS leaders to state their stand, as her former lover is a Malay-Muslim and therefore subject to Islamic laws. The points of the user determines the rank. Aside from that, khalid may also hide behind the sultan as u had said and if the sultan agrees in favor of eli, khalid can also indirectly humiliate the ex selangor mb who is so keen on protecting the sultans, ie, let the toyol experience being betray by sultan.

Wong, who had a long-term relationship with a man that had ended recently, has lodged a police report at the Damansara police station after agonising over the matter with friends, consulting party colleagues and sympathetic lawyers who were all aghast at the ugly turn of events.

Seen to be a hardworking MP for Bukit Lanjan just like her counterpart Teresa Kok of Seputih, she is appreciated by her constituents and very much liked. Meanwhile, seasoned political observers believe that Anwar is trying to avoid a third by-election, which would have to be held if he accepts Miss Wong's resignation. I suspect just like the case of V Arumugam, we might end up with a completely different story altogether.

What crap is she talking about? We need to frustrate them further so that they resort to more desperate actions to allow the rakyat to see how badly corrupted they are. Sex mature lesbian. But at the same time I also strongly belittled her claims that the event is an attempt by her opponents -BN composite parties- to discredit her as a person, and as a politician.

Make the culprits pay for their crime. On leave can you imagine? Was the motive clearly to be used as leverage or something that can be taken advantage upon?

He wrote on his blog:

Elizabeth wong nude

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This is an attempt to shape and influence the public in general, to become what is known as a paradoxical society. She is just a normal 37 yead old. Naked ninja warrior. Selangor Mentri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, asked if Wong would be asked for her resignationsaid the state government would look into all aspects of the incident before making a decision on the matter.

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Following the resignation of Elizabeth Wong, the very much sensationalised nude photo episode is finally coming to an end. Elizabeth wong nude. Eli, you have no moral standing. If the people clearly say that they want her back given of how well she performed for Bukit Lanjan, that means people forgive her, which is a complete reverse of how Hee Yit Foong was smacked when she declared herself BN friendly.

Thank you to Chew Mei Fun for standing up for all women. February 17, at Wong has lodged a police report over the nude pictures and videos. Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says Umno - the backbone of the Barisan Nasional BN coalition that rules the country - is behind the distribution of the photos. I Am Malaysian - Michelle Yoon. Lesbian asian femdom. The rakyat needs you. Wong won with a majority of 5, We do not have monopoly on everything that is clean. Elizabeth Wong offers to quit - Malaysiakini.

How can the people judge? It is a courageous move for her to resign in the interest of the party, especially PAS. When Dr Chua Soi Lek's "sex video" circulated just months before last year's general election, he, too, said it was political sabotage.

And as Killer said who is the beneficiary? Will there be a platform? We really appreciate what you have done for the rakyat in the past. I'm very sorry it ended up like this. That Ah Wong need to resign to answer for all this mistake. So here we have the financierthe plotters and the beneficiary. Wong bukan beragama Islam maka tidak hairanlah seperti yang dikatanya dengan tegas dalam sidang akhbarnya di ibupejabat PKR pagi Selasa beliau tidak merasa ada buat apa-apa yang salah dan tidak malu dengan seksualitinya sebagai wanita bujang.

Personal Data Protection Statement. February 17, at 2: ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed confirmed the assemblywoman whom he did not name had lodged the report at 11pm at the Damansara police station on Sunday, adding that police will investigate the nature of the complaint before deciding on the next course of action.

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After the elections and being 5 states ahead, the Pakatan should just concentrate on proving themselves to the people of those 5 states. Naked hot ass pics. On leave can you imagine?

This is another reason Penangites are losing our jobs. Child Safety Parents, guardians, and adults who care for children face constant challenges when trying to help keep children safer in today's fast-paced world. The Blogging Ex-Prime Minister. 3 sexy lesbians There are unfortunate racial and religous overtones, too, because it involves a Muslim man.

View my complete profile. Anwar and his gang should go back to school to learn 'damage control'! He was jailed for having claimed that a 13 year old girl who was raped was in jail instead of the perpetuator Rahim Tamby Chik the ex CM Malacca who is roaming free.

Rationally, what some PKR leaders did was the right thing at that time. Arjunaidi said the police have yet to receive the nude pictures and that it was too early to determine whose image actually appeared in the photographs. She is an adult with a right to an intimate partner if that is what she wants.

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