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That would be hilarious! Death by lethal injection! Liesl Obrecht sold Jerry medication that relieved his symptoms, but they demanded an exorbitant price to continue with research for a real cure. I think part of the reason we don't see Denise Alexander and Leslie Charleson is that they are old!

Faison freed Duke, but took him captive to use in an elaborate ruse to impersonate him. Sexy hot girls that are naked. Robin offers Sam not so subtle advice before an interruption. They gave them a "false dawn" by reuniting them in the fall, as RC is wont to do, but now we have weird Luke proposing to Tracy, making her dreams come true but it's all wrong.

Almost as sickening as Sabrrrrrrina the simpering doormat. Ryan carnes naked. I firmly believe Lucas would have hit it and quit it if he'd met the earlier Brad. I hope that rumor is untrue R I adore DA and have really enjoyed seeing her the few times they've used her. Sonny's a cop-killer, for all intents and purposes. Ever since the picture of the Ryans came out a lot of soap boards are open to having them be a couple.

Kiki and Michael declared their love for each other the same exact day they got together. At least Ava is played by someone who can actually act. Non nude butt pics. I remember when Ryan Carnes was the topic du jour on DL I was shocked when he was shirtless a couple of weeks ago and wasn't waxed.

Can they please STOP killing gay characters? I saw an interview with her recently and it was so weird hearing her actual speaking voice. Not porn sized, but a nice, real life piece. Please post if he's doing coke.

Now it's dull and lifeless and sometimes I wonder if she even showers. They've had actual conversations, and they seem to get along great, they get each other. Those hairy legs — damn that stud could have his way with me and then some!

I saw pics online. When paired with Robert on a professional platonic level spy cases. Is he going for the Caesar Flickerman look Hunger Games??? Kirsten Storms has already shed the baby weight and seems to be sporting some serious pregnancy boobs!

Beyond that, I know nothing. Boy Culture Jim Verraros also appears in: They don't go around killing people. Why not just leave the body as is? He fires a shot but has such bad aim that the bullet hits a passerby, possibly Sabreeena who is it death's door thru May sweeps.

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It is wrong to make him destroy that chest hair and treasure trail. After his talk with Ric, Sonny suspected he was one secretly funding Julian. Madison ivy lesbian massage. I thought for sure the accent was real. I'll fold his clothing as he removes it and, if need be, aid him in reaching his full potential for the photographic evidence.

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Ughshe just needs a big "kick me" sign on her rear end. The actor showed his chops out the door and dante and lulu in any form has always bored me.

Ryans boy naked head to toe xxx male australian feet movie 30 views. Rylan is just as annoying in real-life as she is on screen, and that interviewer was a bit of a ditz. Those two have chemistry that is lacking between K. Does this mean tptb have decided not to use Denise Alexander? On today's GH you can't get to the story because everyone is too busy winking at the camera. Paevey truly only has chemistry with the men.

Awhile back I found a pic of RP where there was an actual bulge going on or perhaps they shoved a banana in his underwear. Angelica panganiban tits. Ryan carnes naked. I don't mind Felix and his fag hag Sabrina. Every character I get emotionally invested in either leaves or dies, first Danny on Eastenders, and now Brad on General Hospital. The last we saw Lee and Gail was at Lila's memorial - a pleasant respect for history in the Guza era. He was developed into the canvas before hooking up with Luke too bad the show got cancelled.

Another question--why haven't they made RyC wax too? September 3, at 7: Maybe they are bringing him back. We have few possibilities in life, enjoy life now! IMO he'd look so much better if he toned the color of his hair down a bit. August 11, at Luke in his right mind would not propose to Tracy.

I read on another thread that if Guza had still been writing the show last year his nod to GH50 would have been bringing back Jackie for two days only to have Bobbie be murdered by one of her former johns. Robin offers Sam not so subtle advice before an interruption. Mb was written on September 5, In addition she has no clue that he is the head of the WSB.

He probably said that so all the fraus who love Sonny shudder can write and call so tptb think he's still a big draw.

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