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September 9, at 2: So glad you enjoyed them, and so wonderful to be amongst other photographers finding magic on the playa!

I loved it, and I've been doing it ever since. Blowjob girls com. Burning Man destroyed me!!! It was my 11th year out and third year on assignment for RollingStone. But so it goes. Burning man topless girls. My dumb ass didn't cover my truck bed with a tarp, so all my shit got wet, but it was no big deal as the rain dried up after about 6 hours, and my stuff was dry as a bone by the time I rolled onto the Black Rock Desert playa.

The Temple of Juno is the most recent of many temples built on the playa. Somewhere along that long road of lifey-ness, I let that slide an awful lot. I busted my ass even more helping my friend out with his art car, the Soul Train.

Just bring your phone. Prep-wise, I was already under a lot of stress from just getting back from my California trip, so I did an exceptionally shitty job packing. A super amazing art car called the Disco Fish was parked nearby, so I climbed aboard that and made friends with the crew, who let me up on the roof with the DJ. I didn't break out my good stuff til Monday night! Sometimes it is indeed a place that feels like a very short version of Vegas.

First off, everyone's always saying how Burning Man is nothing but a bunch of crazy white people — which is actually pretty much true, for the most part. Naked blonde tits. I shoot for editorial, commercial and private clients, and I'm especially fond of shooting weddings. Bobby Vee and Sons! John Curley that's me has been Burning since the relatively late date ofand in I spent the better part of a month on the playa, documenting the building and burning of Black Rock City in words and pictures.

I shook that sonovabitch so much for around 4 days straight that I got a blister! The crowds surrounded me on all sides. The temple begins as a clean slate, and by the end of the week, it is covered in markered messages, tacked notes, handmade signs, and nostalgic items.

It was perhaps more than they deserved, but it reflects the growing significance of Burning Man as a cultural phenomenon. I'm going through "Playa Lung" right now as well. Instead, you save up all your greywater and dump it at home. Every year since, Burners have been given a sacred space to do with as they please. Remember, this was the reason I came up early — to help assemble this beast.

They basically assemble an ENTIRE roller rink in the middle of the desert every year, and then clean it all up to the last drop, even sifting the dust through screens to make sure they get every last bit of glitter. Your email address will not be published. I abandoned the idea of capturing the event in any objective sense, favoring instead a more personal perspective, one more closely aligned with fine art photography than photojournalism.

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Well, I had a 5-gallon jug full of dust, sweat, toothpaste and wine dregs…an unspeakably foul brew that I probably should have saved for some future nefarious purpose, but I dumped it down my drain.

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I learned awfully quickly that a theme camp is a community we are all an integral part of. August 16, By John Curley. Peta murgatroyd nude pics. September 9, at 3: So I busted my ass helping them set stuff up, including sorting through bag after bag of mis-matched rollerskates and inline skates, pairing them up like a giant game of Memory. Burning man topless girls. I danced naked amongst the coals of the man after he burned and it will always be one of my most treasured memories. It was a wonderful and amazing week, wind and dust notwithstanding.

Sharing these photos is such a fantastic gift!!! August 17, at 6: No matter how you felt about the project, it was arresting to see it go up in the middle of the night.

You saw so much more than I did. For a moment in space and time, Humankind shines and glows with all of its wondrous beauty. Might just have to put this on my bucket list. The Lamplighters are this group of drama-club-types who wear all-white robes and plod around very seriously in formation, lighting the lamps in a ritualistic way. The best part was when we passed the Lamplighters. Naked serena williams pics. Thank you for this lovely gift: Welcome Home, from a few weeks back.

After that I cruised over to this camp that was having a Miracle Fruit tasting. If that is not something that you want to see, do not pass go, and do not collect two-hundred dollars. When I saw that you were going, I had high expectations. WORSE, my damn-ass period started that day!! Thank you so much for the epic photos. Thanks—I really enjoyed these photos I just got referred from the burningman. He asked me how I liked the sunrise. Latest naked women. What really ruined it for me was, before they passed out the Fruit, we were all sort of dancing in the baking heat, and this one Asian chick was eating room-temperature clam chowder out of a can, offering spoonsful to passers-by.

Now, this year I was camping with a whole new crew of people — the Black Rock Roller Disco, mostly comprised of a group of hardcore skaters from San Francisco. We were captivated by these temporary, handmade, beautiful things making their fiery exit. Thank you SO much for putting so much love into taking them, and sharing them with the world.

I could have removed a bunch of them but I posted them all because this is the internet and we have so much room for activities! Oops just read the text at the top about use and crediting, thanks again!

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